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Nowadays when getting a healthy and clean food is a challenge, Spirulina has gain a lot of momentum.  Spirulina is the algae that we see grown as scum on the ponds. Seems unhygienic, no no, by the time its made eatable its well cleaned and processed and safe to consume by humans. It is same as eating seafoods or sea vegetables for nutritional profile.
In the beginning it was harvested from lakes in warmer climates such as Africa or South America. However it is now grown and utilized on a local basis.
Spirulina is an excellent source of protein. It is also known for its wonderful natural healing powers for number of medical conditions.
History of spirulina as food goes back to fourteenth century. Some ethnic groups in Africa and surrounding regions used them in diet. For them it was source of satisfaction and fulfillment. One of the main Staple food.
In modern climax, NASA is using this superfood for its superior nutritional profile for spacemen.
1. Spirullina is 70% protein by weight, nutritionally superior to any other food.
2.  Its extraordinarily high antioxidant count helps to fight free radicals that enter the body.
3. Its high antioxidant property is due to its pigment phycocyanin, givint it its green colour.
4. As Spirulina is 30 times more costly than milk or meat, so its not practical to have it as main protien source. Instead having 2 tablespoon of Spirullina  along with conventional protein sources will serve the daily need.
5. Spirulina is best source of iodine, Vit B and Vit B12. Its good source of Vit K, potassium, copper, iron and manganese.
6. Spirulina is capable of treating arsenic poisoning. Arsenic poisoning is great concern in many parts of world.
7. Its a powerful detoxifier due to high level of chlorophyll, thus removing toxins  from blood and improve bowel and liver function.
8. Its effective in fighting allergies by stopping release of histamine.
9. Its effective in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.
10. Effective in fighting cancer.
11. Spirullina is believed to enhance immune system function.
12. Imroves memory and academic performance by releasing serotonin. 
Direction to Us
1-2 teaspoon per day of spirulina powder is advisable.The best way to start taking Spirulina is by mixing in other eatables. As the taste is pungent so its best to take this with soup, dip or smoothie.
It is always advisable to consult docter for pregnant ladies and those allergic to seafood, before starting on Spiruliina.
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